Enterprise Computing Solutions


Large enterprises have requirements which are complex and varied on account of their size, geographical distribution, and multiple user bases. Their complexity is enhanced by the several operations which exist within the overall structure and their own unique IT requirements. Inspite of dispersed business units, segments and or functions, enterprises mandatorily require a well integrated IT function which performs at optimal levels at all times. Providing hardware solutions over the years, we ensure that our computing solutions are the best in the world and are targeted at both our immediate customer as well as the end customer.

Personal Computing Simplified

Organizations are made up of individuals and individuals need to be equipped with the right infrastructure to ensure that their performance is at its peak at all times. This is why we at Logus only work with the world’s best personal computing solutions and ensure that our customers get the benefit of the most competitive rates for their personal computing solutions. We are able to leverage our over-the-years experience to ensure that customers get the best possible solutions within planned time frames to set the operation rolling smoothly.

Comprehensive Enterprise Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions which include servers, laptops, storage, thin clients, access systems, EPABX along with support for development requirements.

Solution Offering
Enterprise Solutions

Server Solutions
Intel & Acer

Computing Solutions
Desktops & Notebooks: Acer, IBM & HP
Printers: HP and Lexmark

Network Solutions
Switches and routers from D-Link, Linksys, Cisco and HP

Storage Solutions
Storage devices : IBM and HP

Security Solutions
Appliances from Check Point and McAfee

Preferred Partners

Our Preferred Partners are:

Microsoft OS and Application licensing
HP/Veritas backup and Storage licensing
Norton Anti Virus Protection
Check Point firewall protection
Citrix Software licensing.

Systems and Platform enabling

System enablers contain information necessary for newer computers to start up. Every Mac Operating System requires a unique System Enabler and we remain up-to-date with the latest enablers as soon as they are released to ensure that our customers get an end-to-end solution from us, which is up and running with minimal intervention from their side.
Our engineering team can work on different types of email servers including Linux clients.
Data Integration is one of our key offerings to customers and we are skilled in using Informatica which is the world’s number one independent leader in data integration software.
Sun’s Solaris Operating System is the preferred OS for some customers which is why we have the knowledge to provide this OS to customers.
Innovative companies see the advantages of multi platform virtual solutions. We build end-to-end datacenters using VMware virtualization platforms to ensure that customers maximize on available resources, applications and servers.
Thus, to summarize, as part of our systems and platform enabling capability we offer implementation and management of different servers, exchanges, operating systems, email and thin clients and database management along with security and performance enhancing solutions.
Our Differentiator – One size does not fit all!
We work on the principle that every enterprise’s requirement is unique and different from another. Therefore, we have dedicated teams who have over the years understood the power as well as the limitations of computing solutions. This knowledge defines the IT roadmap and ensures that customers are in no way compromised with generic offerings based on market availability.
Thus, our team can not only enable the latest technologies, solutions and systems for you, we will work with you to identify and suggest the most cost effective solution which is suitable for your particular requirements.


1. 3i-infotech – case study 2. Confederation of Indian Industry – case study

Network Solutions


Enterprises today rely heavily on networks to automate, simplify and integrate work across functions and locations to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. But increasing complexity of business environment has resulted in new challenges applicable to network businesses, enterprises and even small businesses whose networks support the business.
With Logus you can enhance your business communications and collaboration with data, voice and video, increase business and network resources, improve business productivity and user satisfaction.

We cover multi vendor, multi technology devices in a range of network environments.

  • We ensure compliance with global networking best practices to ensure compliance with government and corporate regulations.
  • We simplify complex processes to ensure that your security, convenience and business are never compromised. Solution Offering


Networking Solutions
  • Network design, Structured cabling and  campus telecommunications cabling
  • Data on Voice cabling using a wide variety of Fiber Optic
  • Switches, Routers and Gateways
  • Networking solutions for Telecom Labs
  • Performance monitoring and  troubleshooting
  • Load balancing and failover solutions for LAN/WAN or Internet
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) and Virtual LANs (VLAN’s)
Preferred Partners

Torres Networks – case study
Sasken – case study

Wireless Solutions

We offer WIMAX solutions and services to enable data, voice and video connectivity towards operational alignment across multiple locations.
Our solutions cover:

  • Branches that are spread out over several kilometers
  • campus connectivity
  • campus WiFi
  • wireless connection for surveillance cameras
  •  Bundled / total solution and services
Preferred Partners

Our WiMAX solution includes world class equipment including carefully selected radios, antenna and other accessories.

Our Differentiator – `Designed to fit’ solutions

Uninterrupted business to ensure business continuity Our solution supports multi vendor environments. Compliance with government regulations, policies and rules. Applications that enable and simplify management Adaptability for business environments Optimization of day-to-day functioning of the organization Customers

Protocol Automation – case study

Virtualization Solutions


Virtualization is the industry’s latest buzzword and means different things to different people. But what is an accepted fact is that virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications within an organization. Literally separating physical hardware from a single operating system, virtualization allows even a single physical machine to run multiple machines with heterogeneous operating systems, side-by-side in isolation. These machines then become interoperable or can remain in ignorance of each other. By server consolidation, alone for example, energy efficiency can be improved by 80%! Thus, virtualization is synonymous with green IT. It also, on the way, promises business continuity, disaster recovery, data management and protection.

Solutions and Services
Virtualization Solutions

Server Consolidation and Infrastructure Optimization
Disaster Recovery
Software life cycle
Data Center and Application optimization 

Preferred Partners

Microsoft OS and Application licensing
HP/Veritas backup and Storage licensing
HP/Veritas backup and Storage licensing
Norton Anti Virus Protection
Check Point firewall protection
Citrix Software licensing

Differentiator- Reduced Overheads with Optimized Performance

We don’t suggest `virtualization’ just because everyone is talking about it. We believe that organizations would opt for virtualization to maximize resources, minimize costs, solve security concerns and be responsive. Therefore, we look at the organization as a whole and suggest only those applications which would benefit that organization to achieve their business goals keeping in mind the underlying principle – “Maximize Resources and Minimize Costs”.