Mr. Dinesh , Head – Projects, 3i Infotech.

“Log-Us is extremely committed and reliable.  In several instances, they were quick to revise plans to accommodate sudden requests by the end customer, never allowing it to interfere with the overall deliverables.  This attitude of wanting to satisfy customers at all cost, makes Log-Us a preferred vendor with whom we will continue to maintain a business relationship.”

Mr.Nagasimha , Sasken Communication

“From the moment `go’ the Logus team seemed to be on a mission to prove that `size does not matter’ when it comes to quality delivery and commitment. The zealous team worked hard with minimal supervision to ensure that the project was not only completed on time, but adhered to the high standards which Sasken as a company is used to and expects from its vendors.  Though they are a budding organization in the network arena, I am confident that they have a good future as they are an extremely committed team of people” says Mr.Nagasimha, Sasken Communications.

Mr. Devendra Naidu ,Mantri Developers

“By providing us with clear documentation of our current infrastructure, pointing out the weaknesses, suggesting a cast iron system and then executing on the same, Logus has proved that they are a quality conscious company with a dedicated team.  They have all the characteristics of a large company and they need to now enhance and build a brand identify for them in this segment as a leading solution provider for all IT requirements irrespective of the size or scale of the project.”
Mr. Devendra Naidu,  Mantri Developers

Mr. Raghavan ,Founder, Nadathur Holdings & Investments

Says Mr. Raghavan, Founder, Nadathur Holdings & Investments, “We set very high standards of excellence in all areas of our business operations. IT Infrastructure, which is  core to our operations needed  to be superlative at all times, without exception.  We needed a partner who had the expertise and the experience to listen to us and hear even what we were not saying and then convert this into a smooth and efficient operational setup.  Logus Business Solutions is a company with integrity. This integrity makes them dependable, flexible and always available – the three qualities which are a prerequisite for a IT Infrastructure management service provider.  We are really happy with their services!”

Mr. Shivakumar ,IT Manager, Airvana.

“This has been a cost effective solution for us”, says Mr. Shivakumar, IT Manager, Airvana. “While we had our moments of trepidation when deciding whether to go with an in-house or outsourced model, our doubts have been completely sublimated by the excellent quality of service provided by the Logus engineering team who continuously display commitment, ownership and responsiveness.  We are very happy with this arrangement.
I strongly endorse the outsourced IT Infrastructure model as it is always better for organizations to focus on their core area of business and leave the operational aspects to experts like Logus who are experts in their chosen area of work. In this way businesses need not expend valuable time and energy on areas which are secondary to their core business but can actually end up  using a lot of their time, effort and money.”

Manager ,Torres Networks

“Logus’s strength is its manpower. They have excellent, skilled and knowledgeable professionals with sound technical prowess. Thus, the entire project was managed extremely skillfully and beyond our expectations”. says a Manager of Torres Networks

Mr. Mihir ,Protocol India

“The key differentiator of Logus in comparison with other companies in this same space is their dedication to ensure a project’s success. Their commitment is visible from day one when they begin the project by spending a lot of time understanding requirements.  This understanding coupled with their technical acumen makes them the best partner to opt for.” Says Mihir…. Protocol India.