World Class Service To Optimize Your Business Excellence

ourAs businesses continue to be more focused in order to stay productive, the requirement grows for IT services which are designed to provide quick, reliable and quality IT support solutions customized to specific requirements.For these business, there is a compelling need to have adopted good IT practices that operate smoothly at all times, provide backup support if required and ensure optimal efficiency at all times.
Our Value Added Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Technology Consulting
  • IT Audit
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Web & Email Hosting Services
Technology Consulting

Most organizations need to first of all understand their IT requirements and ad hoc solutions could result in short fall or excess supply of expensive infrastructure. A clinical analysis of business plans needs to be performed as the first step towards optimizing the IT function of any organization. This analysis becomes the IT strategy which will then be structured through strategic, architectural, operational and implementation roadmaps.
We provide Technology Consulting Services in the areas of:

  • IT Roadmap and Portfolio Rationalization
  • Enterprise Architecture and Planning
  • Application Architecture Strategy and Design
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
IT Audit

Too much investment into IT infrastructure would result in waste and escalated costs with limited returns. Too less investment would mean break in smooth operations decreasing efficiency. A careful balance of requirements against offering will ensure that the customers cost is limited while ensuring operational efficiency. Our team of IT Infrastructure engineers understand thoroughly your IT infrastructure requirements and provide you with a plan which ensures that your interests are protected at all times

Disaster Recovery

Since business isn’t static, disaster cannot halt it completely. Smart businesses include disaster recovery strategy in their overall IT strategy but most importantly choosing the right plan is important to ensure that returns on investment is maximized.
Our Disaster Recovery Process includes Preventive, Detective and Corrective measures and we provide implementation services in the following areas:

  • Local mirrors of systems and / or data and usage of disk protection technology
  • Surge protectors – to minimize the effect of power surges on electronic equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and / or backup generator to keep systems going immaterial of power failures.
  • Fire preventions – alarms and fire extinguishers.

Anti-Virus software and similar security measures.

Infrastructure Assessment

IT infrastructure should be aligned with business needs and goals to ensure operational efficiencies with reduced costs and increased security. More importantly they also need to ensure regulatory compliance. We are skilled in identifying inconsistencies in technology, processes and people skills which can result in weakened infrastructure stability, hamper efficiency and therefore reduce profitability. Our assessment service includes collaborating with our customers key stakeholders to ensure that data center, network, systems and information security meet and exceed baseline requirements. We also assess service management components such as incident problem, change request, help desk, desk side support and service level reporting.
Thus, using Logus you can be assured of greater insight into your IT governance and technology management. Improved operational efficiency at lower IT costs and improved compliance with regulatory requirements and controls towards mitigating risk.


Information security is one of the foremost concerns of organizations and we understand that the threats which can sabotage an entire IT setup not only already exist but continue to be created every minute. Our consultants ensure that customers’ organizations follow robust security policies which remain uncompromised at all times
Security is not an issue for those who understand the significance of lapses. This holds especially true for smaller organizations which believe that they cannot be the target of attacks. However, in our experience, it is the smaller organizations which often end up as part of larger attacks such as mass worm outbreaks, credit card harvesting etc. For larger organizations this problem is enhanced by data recovery post attack and this can be by far more expensive than even the entire infrastructure costs as organizations struggle to recover precious data. To summarize, security is by far the most important aspect of organizational efficiency.
For us at Logus, network, data security is integral to the overall services we provide the organization. We understand that inadequate computer network security puts businesses at risk. Hackers have the ability to take over complete networks, making public, confidential business data. An efficient security system prevents attackers and mitigates risk factors like virus and worm attacks.

Web and Email Hosting Services

As a value added service we go the extra mile for customers by providing them with guidance and practical help towards their web and email hosting requirements.